Cross Gun: Chapter 32 – The Preparation


Chapter 32: The Preparation

「『Gun』, here’s the girl’s description. Tall, slender build. Black, short hair. Small chest.」

「I see. That’s good to know. I better start changing my appearance.」

『Gun』 spoke as he headed to the bathroom. Of course, both 『Cross』 and 『Cocoa』 followed along with him.

「…you’re really going through with this?」

『Cross』 spoke with a strained voice as he saw 『Cocoa』 open a box that appeared to contain several circular pads of varying shades and colors.

「What? You got a better idea?」

「Not really, but…」

「Look, I don’t like it much either.」

Junichi spoke as he frowned in distaste.

「Don’t worry, 『Gun』. I’ll make you look like a cute girl in no time!」


In the face of 『Cocoa』’s strange enthusiasm, Junichi could only rub the back of his head.

–Later that evening–

At a night gym in the southern part of Sekai City, a dark-haired girl was just…

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