Chapter 5 Operation Complete! Shall we have a word?

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Chapter 5 – Operation Complete! Shall we have a word?

Where did last time’s big story go? Meta appearing. Don’t mind.

Let’s ask in reverse, if you guys were fighting while risking your life, would you stop attacking if like in movies the enemy starts crying their eyes out.

You might ask why am I frivolously talking like this? It’s simple.

[G company take the prisoners to where the 2nd squad is stationed for holding. The remaining two squads will resume their normal duties while taking precautions against any enemy reinforcements.]

All objectives cleared. Capturing successful. Ally casualties zero. Complete Victory.

Eh, where did the level difference from the beginning go? This is that lesson isn’t it where things don’t always go 100% in the world.

Well let me tell you what transpired in the post-op debriefing.

Accomplishing primary objective took 3 minutes.

Its already at the level of preparing…

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