Cross Gun: Chapter 33 – The 『Hawk』


Chapter 33: The 『Hawk』

Junichi didn’t waste an inch of movement as he proceeded to mow down the men surrounding him.

Using the pistol in his hand, Junichi shot bullets with lethal aim as he moved towards the pistol that had dropped onto the concrete.

An interesting thing about bullets with round shells is that they’re often made with the intent of piercing through a target cleanly. The roundness of the shell increases it’s aerodynamics, allowing it to travel at an increased velocity in the air, thus making it more likely to simply pierce through a target.

However, what Junichi was using were special bullets.

Hollow point bullets with a plastic tip.

Hollow point bullets have an indentation in its tip. Upon impact, the hollow point causes the bullet to expand, interrupting penetration and disrupting more tissue as it travels through it’s target.

Of course, due to the indentation, the…

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