Destruction Flag Otome – Chapter 32

Omega Harem Translations

Chapter 32 – This is my world

“How long are you going to keep sleeping there! This idiot~!”

At the same time as hearing such shouting, my blanket was suddenly thrown off me.

“……Eh, eh, what?”

It was too sudden that my eyes became round from the sudden event, and the person who threw my blanket off was glaring at me.

“……Eh, m, mother……?”

“Mother? ……What’s the matter, you must be feeling bad. Are you still asleep?”

“……Eh, huh? ……G, good morning. Mom.”

I looked up at mom who was standing there imposingly. Her eyes were somewhat low-set and her face was a little round, seeming rather like a raccoon.

Then, “you’re a high school student already, act properly already and check your hair and clothes” and when I looked at myself in the full-length mirror that had been forcibly installed in my room, I saw an ordinary raccoon-like face…

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