I finished earlier than expected. Praise me for not procrastinating! Muahahahaha!

So yeah, here are the download links.

Volume 1:[Full Text][PDF Download][EPUB Download]
Volume 2:[Full Text][PDF Download][EPUB Download]
Volume 3: [Full Text][PDF Download][EPUB Download]

They can be found on my front page as well.

Term changes:

Undead Magician Necromancer
(‘Cause Undead Magician just doesn’t sound cool enough.)

Magic skills Magic spells
(To differentiate between physical/unique skills and magicians’ spells. Skill books are still called skill books regardless whether they teach magic spells or other skills.)

Fir is an Undead Holy Angel.
(Yes, the extra ‘Holy’ makes a difference. In Vol. 3, when Fir fought the spider-like monster, everyone mistakes him for a mere ‘Undead Angel’ with two bone wings.)

National Magician State Magician
(‘Cause the word ‘National’ has 3 syllables. Too lengthy, yo.)

And other terms that I can’t remember I changed…

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