Cross Gun: Chapter 34 – To Kill a 『Counterpart』


Chapter 34: To Kill a 『Counterpart』

「Well, there is a way to kill them.」

「Oh? Mind telling me?」

「Sure, although it might be a little…distasteful.」


Junichi, unfazed by 『Cross』’ little threat, simply urged him to continue.

「Well first, you have to sever the contract. As long as both souls are connected, they won’t die.」

『Cross』 began to explain.

「Won’t die? What do you mean?」

Junichi, curious by the aspect of immortality, inquired.

「Ah, well, you know that energy that I told you about? The one caused when multiple 『Souls』 work together? It’s called 『Soul Power』. I’m not too sure about the details, but it basically allows the host’s body to regenerate.」

Although shoddy, 『Cross』’ explanation had piqued Junichi’s interest.

「Oh? Interesting…what else can this 『Soul Power』 do?」

「Well, for one thing, it allows us to make weapons.」


Junichi repeated, trying to dig deeper into the subject.

「Yeah. Well…

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