Chapter 9 – Unspoken Words

Forgotten Conqueror

“Good morning, Kaidus. Doing the day’s shopping for your mother again?” An older woman asked from behind a counter. In her hands were bundles of dried herbs.

“Hi Mrs. Grenson,” Kaidus greeted. “Can I get four heads of Teraile garlic, two bunches of dried ciscut leaves, and half a cup of Venesian pepper powder?”

“Of course you can.” The woman replied, putting down whatever she was doing and starting on the order. Walking over to a large barrel, “How’s your mom doing? She’s not overworking herself, is she?” The woman asked, scooping pepper powder and pouring it onto a sheet of paper before folding and tying it up.

“Lance’s been waking up a lot at night so she’s a little tired.” Kaidus replied, taking the small package of spice powder from the woman.
Adalina being too tired was the reason why he was out shopping. His little brother was a…

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