Cross Gun: Chapter 35 – Respite and Reunion


Chapter 35: Respite and Reunion

「I didn’t think you’d follow me, Minamoto Rin.」

Junichi spoke as he leaned on a light post. The light post in question had a severed limb hanging on it.


Junichi saw the lavender haired girl jump as her ponytail swayed. She rapidly turned her head towards him as she stared with wide, violet-coloured eyes.

「G-『Gun』!? B-But-!?」

As Rin looked back and forth between the two youths, Junichi closed his eyes before he informed her of the misunderstanding.

「That’s 『Cross』 over there. My right eye is the one that’s red, not my left.」

Junichi appeared unamused. Opening his eyes, he activated his ‘switch’, turning his right eye from green to red.


Contrary to Rin’s surprise, Junichi maintained his bored expression as he tossed something in front of Rin.

「Here. I’m returning this to you.」

What appeared before Rin was a silver, 20cm long dagger with a…

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