Cross Gun: Interlude 4 – Assimilation


Interlude 4 – Assimilation

「Ok. So that’s the first step. What comes next?」

「After that, you merely have to ‘Assimilate’ the 『Counterpart』’s soul.」


Junichi repeated the unfamiliar term.

「Basically, you have to destroy the 『Counterpart』’s soul by eating it.」

「…you’re joking, right?」


「Alright. How do you go about doing that?」

Junichi asked somewhat reluctantly.

「You know the ‘commonality’?」

「Wait, you’re saying?」


『Cross』 pointed to his left eye.

「This is my 『Soul』.」

「…ok. So do I have to eat an eyeball?」

「Not necessarily. However, the ‘commonality’, the ‘catalyst’ of the 『Soul』 has to be consumed.」

As 『Cross』 spoke, Junichi sighed.

「Right…so? Are there any side effects?」

「Not that I know of. You just have to have a strong 『Soul』.」

「Oh? And what makes a 『Soul』 strong?」

Junichi inquired, curious as to how 『Cross』 would respond.

「Beats me?」

However, 『Cross』 simply shrugged as he revealed his lack of knowledge…

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