[King Shura] Chapter 30

Ensj Translations

Hmmm…. I may have to start studying soon… summer break ends in August and it’ll be the year of the SATs after that.


Chapter 30. Cho Ryu Hyang’s Challenge

The Book of Mountains and Seas compiled all the information from the Chinese myths and stories. If you look there, you can find information on the Imugi.

But even in a book like that, there lies no information about a red horned, black scaled Imugi that was many times bigger than normal. Even the Guangya (廣雅), which rivals the Book of Mountains and Seas, contains no information of that sort of an Imugi.

A black scaled Imugi with red horns. It was a strange existence that never appeared in the world till now.

* * *

‘This can’t happen.’

Cho Ryu Hyang organized his thoughts whilst walking up the mountain.

A formation was something a man created by bending the…

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