Magi Craft Meister Volume 2 Chapter 16

Natsu TL


  • Probably only 2 chapters this week.
  • I didn’t forget to add the LN illustration this time! Yippee! Usually end up forgetting to check illustrations but I put a reminder note for myself this time so I didn’t forget. 
  • I should be able to finish translation of Chapter 1 of UchiNara today if all goes well, if not then tomorrow.
  • There is a secret in this world. on this site. (Difficulty: Easy) (It’s been there for a few days now) Wonder when someone will find the secret. I’ll probably do more of these secrets with a combination of riddles for a harder difficulty.
  • Once again, thanks to le editor Joeglens.
  • Edit: Have a preview of the cuteness of UchiNara Illustrations:HERE


  • None


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