Vol. 4 Prologue

“Fir, I’m really curious as to how you did it. Mind enlightening me?”

The scent of a mature woman emitted by Ms Mari’s body stimulated my sense of smell. But if you think I will be tempted that easily, then you have underestimated me.

I’m Lin Fir! A genius youth who came from another world!

Everything above were just things that I made up. Actually, because the smell of alcohol from Ms. Mari’s body was just too strong, the possibility of tempting me was absolutely zero.

“Teacher, I feel that, in usual situations, when a teacher wish to discuss a problem about a student’s studies… she wouldn’t tie the student to a chair, and then sit on that student’s body, right? Of course, teacher, you’re not heavy at all. Compared to a certain violent person’s fist, your weight could be considered nothing to me.”

“Hehe, I will treat that as…

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