Wannabe Editors !!

‘Cause my Engrish sucks

Wait!? I’m writing in english!!!

now writing

ENG: Hello people of wordpress. If you remember i announced my intention to recruit editors and proofreaders.

Now, “how can i become one?” Simple:

Only this one can take you for my servants, Mwahahahah.

Joke aside, if you have the guts to abandon life i’ll post a little test below.

Please write with your three eyes wide open.

(yes, i wrote 3. Do you have only 2? psss, noob….)


Part 1

[How many errors in style or usage can you find ?]

1. If you want to lager beer, you’ll need a reliable refrigerator.

2. The dress was splattered, torn, ruined.

3. Sometimes I wish I had a dog, or a cat, or a gerbil.

4. He was eager to explain where and when and by whom.

5. And if I had seen it . . . But there’s no point in wondering.

6. We are ready, should something worse oppose us.

7. The purists claimed that a strict parallel obtained between examples.

8. When the mayor learned that the pilot, Charles Lindbergh, was in town, he threw a party.

9. Her omelettes inspired several new lines of thought about the use of eggs, lines of thought that are now central to culinary theory.

Part 2

[Spot the errors!]

“When Apple Corps launched their first iPhone in 2008, it didn’t dissappoint. In fact, it immediately captured the collective imagination with a geeky allure driven by Apples slick design, the phone’s smart flexibilty and it’s inovative multi-touch approach.

Part 3

[Catch the mistakes]

  • Our prime vendor relationships also make it possible for the customer’s, who require it, to purchase your product through their designated prime vendors.
  • He leaned out the window, blowing a whistle that was more noisome than effective.
  • Please fill out form Below for a free booklet and your snail mail address as the packet is large.
  • I watched her through the open door where she’d evidently been lurking and observing the byplay between the boy and I.
  • As a preferred client, we provide you with objective, sound advise.
  • A handfull of streetlights reviled a row of shop windows.
  • Some sites aren’t even available to the public, they serve as a place for salepeople, managers, and clients to exchange information.
  • “But I don’t want to go”. He whined.
  • Let us help you gain efficiencies and save you money in the process!
  • Layout templates are available on our Web sight .

Please send your answers to


And for some type of help read this guide

• Kira

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  2. IAmTheKroc says:

    Hey, do you mind if I just share a Google Document to you? Its much more convenient.


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