Cross Gun: Interlude 5 – Cherry Boy


Interlude 5 – Cherry Boy


Yoshino held her hand up to her aching head.

As she opened her eyelids, the dim, dusty sight of a dirty ceiling was illuminated in her eyes.


Wondering where she was, Yoshino suddenly began to recall the events prior to her losing consciousness.

(Where’re the others!?)

Yoshino began to raise her body as she searched her surroundings for her friends.

However, what greeted her was the slender, unclothed torso of a young man with dark hair.


Yoshino rubbed her eyes. She had assumed that she was currently hallucinating.

After all, for some reason, in a dark, deserted room, she was watching a familiar, dark haired young man undress before her.

Of course, even after she had rubbed her eyes, the mirage of the unclothed man had yet to disappear.

However, as her thoughts persisted on the idea that ‘this can’t be real’…

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