Vol. 4 Chapter 1: The First Thing I Did During Vacation was Work

Sorry for the lateness. Busy with stuffs

Also, thank you Oluwadamilola S. and Daniel D. for your kind donations!

“Since you’re one of Ice Empire’s registered State Magician, you shouldn’t idle during vacation, hurry up and head over to the Ice Empire and report for work!”

On the first day of my vacation, my dormitory’s door was kicked into pieces by Princess Michelle’s bodyguard, Dual. Then, Princess Michelle excitedly, and unreservedly, rushed into my room, and loudly declared.

Currently, to welcome the arrival of my vacation, I was happily preparing my breakfast. Startled by Princess Michelle, the bread I just toasted almost fell onto the floor.

Of course, I wasn’t shocked by how she barged into my room this early in the morning, nor was I shocked by how my door was broken down with a single kick. Rather, I was shocked by the fact that I was about to…

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