Cross Gun: Chapter 36 – Bird Brain


Chapter 36: Bird Brain

「You awake, Yoshino?」

Junichi spoke as he disregarded the idea of changing out of his clothes in light of the green haired girl’s awakened conscious.

「Y-yeah, but-!?」

As Yoshino had witnessed something quite surprising, she couldn’t help but be slightly befuddled.

「Hold it! 『Gun』! What did you mean by that just now!?」

An excited 『Cocoa』 rushed towards Junichi.

「*sigh* 『Cocoa』, I’ll explain what happened later, alright? Now’s not the time for it.」

As Junichi had noticed the piercing glare coming from a set of deep blue eyes, he notified their owner that he would take the time to discuss the reason for her distress later.

「…『Gun』, do you promise?」

『Cocoa』’s upturned eyes watered as she looked at Junichi with unease. Yet, towards such unease, Junichi simply spoke the following.


「…ok. I believe you.」

『Cocoa』 nodded as she moved away from Junichi.

Perhaps sensing that Junichi…

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