Cross Gun: Chapter 37 – Why Should I?


Chapter 37: Why Should I?

「Why!? Why did you kill him!?」

Yoshino screamed as she frantically shook off the corpse of the man before grabbing Junichi’s collar.

「? Why? Isn’t that obvious?」

Junichi spoke in an innocent, ‘matter of fact’ tone.

「It’s my job.」

「H-Huh!? What do you-!?」

「I’m 『Gun』. I’m the one who accepted the request to kill off all of the Zuji-gen. With him dead, my job’s done.」


Both Yoshino and Mayumi exclaimed as they stared at Junichi.

Hair as black as iron. Piercing red eyes.

Although it had matched the description of the ‘legendary mercenary’, the two had yet to believe Junichi was such a person.

「It’s true, Yoshino.」

Rin declared as she tried to calm her friend down.

「He is, without a doubt, the one and only 『Gun』.」


As Yoshino had realised exactly who the entity before her was, Junichi shrugged off Yoshino’s hands…

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