[King Shura] Chapter 31

Ensj Translations

Chapter 31. The Imugi’s Wish

An Imugi that failed to become a dragon cannot survive in the material world for long. That was because it failed to become an immortal being selected by the heavens. ‘It’ was in a similar case in the past, too.

The day where there was quite a bit of rain. ‘It’ used up all the power it had in order to ascend. Already, a half of his body had turned into a dragon’s. Once he ascends, his other half will also transform, turning him into a full-fledged dragon. But unfortunately, the gate of heaven did not open on that fateful day.

‘It’ settled it’s tired body in the bottom of the Dragon Pond (龍泉). It was waiting for it’s death quietly.

The being that was neither a dragon or an Imugi. ‘It’ was fated to soon die and disappear from the world forever. The one…

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