One month anniversary!

omgitsaray translations

Can’t believe it’s already been one month since my first translation release! Thank you to everyone for continuing to read this!

To celebrate, here’s a double release, Chapter 10 and Chapter 11. Took me many years nights but I was able to do it. After using a drop of Sovereign’s Might, my translation speed of a snail increased to the speed of a turtle! I’m not going to put up any stats like other translators because this is not a very popular novel. I will only mention the highest unique visitor count I’ve had in one day this past month was 1262 *slow clapping*.

Instead of translating, I wasted a good two days reading Death March Kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku. Another novel about being summoned to another world, but he had a cheat spell called Meteor Shower. This novel was fun to read because the hero did not…

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