Vol. 4 Chapter 3: QTE and Counter

Once the door to the chamber was closed, Princess Michelle immediately started to complain.

“Hmph! What’s with all that acting! I hate it so much! Let’s go! I will bring you guys out to play!”

“Play? Where?”

“Obviously, in the imperial city!”

“Princess, you must not do that. Currently, the royal knights are changing their shifts, please wait for an hour…”

“Who are you to manage my affairs!”

Princess Michelle turned and stared at the butler.


The butler did not know what to say, and looked towards us.

I sighed, and walked over.

“Princess Michelle, stop fooling around. Isn’t the butler doing this for your sake? Although I’m not sure of the situation in the Ice Empire, but since the butler said that it’s for your safety to best not move about too much, then there’s definitely a reason for that, right?”

After saying that, I glanced at the…

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