Magi Craft Meister Volume 2 Chapter 17 + Amidst the Camellia Volume 1 Prologue

Natsu TL


  • Editor: Joeglens
  • 2 or 3 chapters of MCM next week.
  • UchiNara Chapter 1 is currently undergoing editing & TLC and will be posted on either Monday or Tuesday.
  • I won’t be translating for the entire next week as I have an assignment and exam I need to focus on.
  • Decided to write a novel myself, only got the prologue done so far but I should have Chapter 1 done within 3 months. Feel free to critique me as I’m attempting to find a writing style I like (used to use “blah blah” x said. but I hated that style). Check outAmidst the Camellia.
  • Hint for the secret: It is in plain sight but can’t be seen.


  • None


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