Cross Gun: Chapter 38 – Realization


Chapter 38: Realization


「Aki-nee!? Rox-nee!? Why are you-!?」

「I called them, 『Cocoa』.」

Towards the dark skinned girl’s flustered appearance, Junichi remained calm as he bluntly explained the situation.

「You know the guns I had you bring? I was originally gonna lend them to these guys for a bit.」

Junichi spoke as he lazily brought his raised arm back down to his side.

However, even though there was one less weapon aimed at them, the girls couldn’t move.

「Ah, don’t bother trying to use 『Soul Frequency』. The bullets in those guns are made with 『Soul Power』.」


Without moving, the lady with long, slender legs and blood red hair inquired.

「Later. First, Rin. Would you kindly let 『Cocoa』 go?」

Junichi spoke with an amiable smile.

Of course, as a barrel was currently residing in her mouth for the second time that day, she couldn’t talk back. That said, her eyes…

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