I Kinda Came to Another World, but Where’s the Way Home Prologue

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This one’s a bit graphic. The prologue is a bit long, but the chapters aren’t as much. This is currently a teaser; it may be upgraded to full project status if I feel like it.


In a certain high school, in a certain city, there was what you would call your standard bullied kid.

But even if you call him that, it’s not like he would find graffiti all over his desk or have his stationaries stolen or anything like that. He wasn’t physically assaulted, or harassed in some cliché fashion. It’s just that he was isolated and on the bad end of some harsh remarks.
Without any comrades, or any to call friends. And within that situation, with such minor acts of harassment done to him every day, there was no one to get involved for his sake.

But in the face of this daily cruelty, that student…

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