[King Shura] Chapter 32

Ensj Translations

The long awaited(?) chapter is finally here.


Chapter 32. The Alliance-Demon War

No matter how much time passes, there is one relationship that would never changed in the martial world.

Light and Dark. Black and White.

A relationship between two opposites. This was the current relationship between the Alliance and the Heavenly Demon Church.

“I really can’t do anything this time.”

Gongson Chun Gi sighed. He wanted to avoid fighting. He tried really hard to not resort to violence. He wanted to avoid spilling blood whenever possible.

“Damn it.”

Even then, Gongson Chun Gi hesitated. If you come out of the Gansu Branch and walk for about half a day at a slow pace, you would reach the Wisdom Plains. Many of the church members will be fighting there.

Even if the two sides didn’t mutually agree to fight there, they both had to choose that place as the…

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