Vol. 4 Chapter 5: Snow White

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An assassin’s defense is the lowest out of all the classes. Even an archer’s magic defense is a little higher than theirs. Hence, to assassins, if they aren’t able to kill their targets with a single blow, then they will perish.

The one in front of me was a very good example. Even though his base level, damage, and speed were much better than me, but, with the interference of my ice magic, his overall speed wasn’t higher than mine. For an assassin with a base of 5,400 dexterity, under the influence of my Frozen Light spell, and with the 1.5x bonus effect of my Blasphemer, his remaining dexterity was only a measly 1,755. My 3,400 Dexterity, with the 10% bonus from my hidden blade and the Gale Ring which increases my Dexterity by 500, total up to 4,240 Dexterity. In other…

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