Chapter 8 – Let’s listen to some information!

Ln Addiction

Chapter 8 – Let’s listen to some information!

Side: Herge Lau Rochelle

The door closed in front of my eyes. I heard the footsteps go farther away.
[A dungeon master? That can’t be]
I murmered by myself.
He introduced himself as “Dungeon Adminstrator”.
But, with the current situations, he…Yuki-san wouldn’t tell us a lie.
I was sheltered? insde a dungeon, and there I encountered supposed vile creatures who were especially hated by women, goblins.
Those goblins took us here without hurting us.

[Oriel, do you believe Yuki-san when he said that he was a dungeon master?]
[With the current situation, I don’t think he would lie but I also think he didn’t tell use the truth.]
[I also agree with that…]
[Yes, he, Yuki wasn’t it, I still can’t make a judgement on our circumstances. Even though I said that, Yuki did treat us and therefore kept true his word]

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