Cross Gun: Chapter 39 – Deceit


Chapter 39: Deceit

「Didn’t you hear me? I said take me to your organization.」

「Wait a minute, 『Gun』!? What are you-!?」

「『Cocoa』, shut it for a minute, alright?」

Junichi instructed lazily as he faced the awestruck girls.

「It should be fine, right? You were hoping to recruit me anyway, weren’t you?」

「Y-Yeah, but…」

As the witch spoke, her eyes drifted towards the girls currently holding arms towards her face.

「Ah, don’t worry. I’ll be going alone.」


「『Gun』, you’re not serious, are you?」

The two ‘reinforcements’ were dumbfounded by Junichi’s statement as they looked at him with concerned curiosity.

「Yeah, I am.」

Yawning, Junichi walked up to 『Carmine』, placing a hand on her shoulder.

「Lower the gun. They should be alright for now.」


Although slightly conflicted, the woman did as Junichi instructed.

「……Junichi-kun, are you sure about this?」

Shizuka-sensei asked, slightly thrown off by the change in the youth’s…

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