Kuro no Maou Chapter 82

EnTruce Translations

Translator: ET

Editor: SK

Proof Reader: ET

Chapter 82 Adventurer vs Scout Troop (2)

The scout troop fought well against against adventurers of rank 3 and more.

“Damn, Don’t get seperated, stay close—”

The heads of the commander and the commanding soldier were blasted into bits with Kurono’s sniping, but the soldiers still made frantic efforts to fight.

“Aa, This won’t last more than 3 mins”

Adventurer Ai catches a glimpse of such soldiers running.

Ai runs after her pet cat that had run away.



A Orc attacks Ai, but she evades it at hair’s breadth.



This time another orc attacks with a battle axe, but she evades by sliding beneath it.

The two orc didn’t chase after the running away Ai, and changed their targets to soldiers fighting near them.

“It was dangerous, wasn’t it? Aw, my hair ends got cut.”

The bloody feud unfolds…

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