The Restart — Chapter 6

Ziru's Musings

Chapter 6 –A Piece of Explanation

The source of the sound, the Zealots, passed overhead seemingly without noticing their group and continued onward towards the direction of the setting sun in the horizon. The golden tinted dome around them had started to break apart like a slowly shattering piece of glass.

“Wh, what… just happened…?” Although David finally worked up the courage to speak, he stuttered.

A few minutes had passed since Skye reappeared and set their situation into disarray. Both Levy and David were filled with concern for Aden and confusion in general. By now, Aden was sleeping peacefully on the ground.

“Zealots, religious mercenaries. Judging from their attire, they are part of the Purist Sect.”

She was panting and filled that last part of the sentence with a venomous tone.

David didn’t pay attention to that and responded incredulously, “Zealots? The cause of that sound?…

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