Vol. 4 Chapter 6: Cold Flame

Earlier, we did not notice, but unknowingly, we had actually arrived at a place that looked similar to an altar.

The entire place looked completely circular, and in eight directions, there was a 30 meter tall metal pillar erected on each position, and was uniformly separated from each other.

And in the center, there was a gigantic piece of sparkling ice crystal erected. Unlike normal ice crystals which are light blue in color, this piece of ice crystal was as clear as glass.

This isn’t actually glass, right?

Although I was thinking as such, but the ice crystal in front of us was emitting a strong chill to the surroundings, which was no different than any other ice crystal.

But the most important thing was, standing in the center of the ice crystal, there was a young girl dressed in an Asian robe hugging onto a bow. Her two eyes…

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