I Kinda Came To Another World, But Where’s The Way Home 2

Inlitify OA

Chapter 2: A Start Unknown to Kitsune

Shinozaki Shiori accompanied Kitsune all the way to the hospital. Despite the emergency measures enacted on him in the ambulance, he was still in a state where he could die at any moment, so the expressions of those performing the measures were grim throughout the voyage. No matter how they looked at it, he had suffered fatal injuries.
Even so, Shiori continued to grip the boy’s hand with both of hers, as she desperately prayed for his life to be saved.

A few minutes later, they arrived at a single hospital. But that hospital never took on the patient known as Naginata Kitsune. Due to bad luck, the hospital had many patients in serious condition, and there was a deficiency in the doctors available to perform a surgery. And so, it turned out that Kitsune was to be carried off to another hospital.

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