Vol. 4 Chapter 7: Freezing Point Abyssal Dungeon

PoV: Princess Michelle

As expected, Fir is an amazing person. This ‘Abyssal Mystic Ice’ that had been rooted here for hundreds of years was actually set ablaze by him!

If those haughty senior Magicians, who, in the end, fled dejectedly after failing, see this spectacle, I wonder what their thoughts would be.


Wait a minute, what’s going on with those flames? It’s actually producing an ear-splitting scream?


A claw made out of white flames actually appeared! Just what is going on?

Everything happened so suddenly. When I finally regained my senses, that white claw had already grabbed onto Fir who was in the air!

“Attack it!”

Fir who was up in the sky, yelled out.

Right, attack!

“Queen of Ice, in my name, I summon you, who stands at the endless pinnacle of ice! Come, teardrop of the fallen land – Ice Fall!”

Fir kept telling me to…

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