Cross Gun: Chapter 40 – The Swap


Chapter 40: The Swap

「Ah, you guys wait there. I’ll join you in a moment.」

As Junichi spoke thus, the four mercenaries disappeared behind a crate.

「『Gun』, d-do I really have to watch you change?」

『Cocoa』 began to speak as her eyes wandered downwards, not daring to look Junichi in the eyes.

「『Cocoa』. Keep your voice down.」

However, contrary to her embarrassment, Junichi whispered an order to her as he began to unzip the bag.


「『Cocoa』, 『Charade』, 『Carmine』. We’re going to go on an infiltration mission.」

「? Wait, what do you mean?」

Roxanne spoke as she tilted her head to the side.

「Didn’t you say you were going to go with them by yourself?」

「Ah, about that.」

As Junichi spoke, a dark haired youth began to materialise beside him.

「『Charade』, 『Carmine』. This is 『Cross』. He’s going to take my place for the time being.」



While Li Qiu’s…

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