Cross Gun: Interlude 7 – Race, Lace, and Misplaced Affections


Interlude 7 – Race, Lace, and Misplaced Affections


As Junichi was running across rooftops, he heard a voice come from his left side.

Shifting his gaze, he saw a blur of blood-red hair swept to one side of an oriental face with narrow, jet black eyes.

「Hou~ 『Carmine』, you want another go, huh?」

Junichi spoke as his lips began to curve upwards.

「You know that I’ve beaten you 23 times, right?」

「……this time……I will win……」

Looking into her eyes, Junichi could see the flames of conviction blazing within her dark eyes.

「Alright then. First there gets a free, home cooked lunch.」

Junichi spoke as he began to remember the lady’s cooking.

From what Junichi had tasted, Li Qiu was very good at cooking Chinese Cuisine. Although he had only eaten her meat buns, fried rice, and noodles, he was looking forward to taste her legendary Mapo Tofu.



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