[King Shura] Chapter 34

Ensj Translations

Sorry Guys, can’t translate any more chapters till Friday… or something. I didn’t do ANY of my summer hw during the break, so…. I’m probably screwed. And there’s also this competition thing that I have to prepare for. So adios, readers. We shall meet again when Friday arriveth.


Chapter 34. The Ascending Dragon

Baek Mu Ryang slowly pulled out his sword. The sword that had accompanied him in all the time that he spent in the Alliance. The sword that knew no defeat, was pulled out of the hilt.

White Tooth (白牙).

Once Baek Mu Ryang pulled out the sword, the surrounding air fluctuated a little. The energy of the battlefield was getting fiercer.

“You have the right to make me use this sword.”

“Should I be thankful?”

When Gongson Chun Gi responded with a somewhat sour face, Baek Mu Ryang shook his head.

“No, I should be the…

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