Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (Story 4-7)

Ziru's Musings

Story 4-7Search for the Goddess

We used our bodies to run at full speed.

Opening our fields of view, paying close attention to everything, and looking everywhere.

It couldn’t be said we were going leisurely. We couldn’t stay here long to be attacked by the people from Claria’s Religion. Already, we couldn’t afford to stay here.

“Katsuragi-sama, did you find it!?” (Arianne)

“No, not yet! Do you still have stamina, Arianne!?” (Daichi)

“Leave it to me! This much is nothing!” (Arianne)

Arianne concealed her accumulated fatigue and acted steadfast.

Since some time ago, she has been running around to exchange information between Leadred, me, and Lily. Selen is doing the same in reverse. I’m sure the burden on the girls compared to us due to our status values is unimaginable.

Investigating this way is also almost complete. We decided that although it is hard on the two…

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