Vol. 4 Chapter 8: Freezing Point Abyssal Dungeon 1F

As I thought, after less than 5 minutes of walking, the first branch appeared in front of us. Thinking about it, if there’s only a single path in the dungeon, then it wouldn’t be a dungeon, but a large cataclysm.

But in a dungeon like this with basically no references to look at, other than the indistinct structures or stairs in the distance, we don’t even know how to proceed at all. After all, for some reasons, our surroundings was covered with a thick layer of fog, exuding a lonely and quiet feeling.

I couldn’t see the exit on the mini-map either. Geez. At the very least, give us a map or a compass or something. Otherwise, how are we going to play this?

“Let’s proceed in the left path then. There seems to be some stuffs over there.”

I said.

“We should proceed in the right path instead. Don’t…

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