Let the Translation begin!

Hello hello hello!

Now i’m out…out of my bed…

well guys, if you are regulars of this blog you had certainly noticed my poor work this last week. My exams (Now finished) were hard. Now i’m all yours! Hey, were are you going?

First, i completed the first chapter of “I’m back in the other world?”

Second: i didn’t post new chapters for chinese novels like Coiling Dragon, Zhan Long etc.. Even if they are out in the TL sites. This is ’cause i had to correct and control all your mail.

Third: 128 mails… Lol, i’m about to kill my eyes. Well, a lot of people wrote me. I’ll tell you: i accept TLs for help. If you want to translate a different series but don’t want to open an account on some sites, want to remain anonimously you are free to mail me your TL and i’ll post it here.

Next, the winners of the editors test. We have only 4 winners on 78 mails for the editors.

First place: IAmTheKrock, the absolute winner, but remember my suggestions.

2#: Grimjow6, yo Bro. Happy to see you out from your cave.

3#: Icsi Isci. Good good, welcome to the dark side…

4#: Narturo. Good work, good nick

The rest: well guys, there are some good editors here, but there are some guys… I’ll tell you, no bad feelings but my dog can rewrite a text better than you…. You did some gigantic errors with syntaxt , grammar and claimed perfect score ’cause you are from england….

Well, this is all. I’ll post the chapter this evening. If IAmTheKrock want you can help me, i have work! Mwahahah ! Welcome my little puppy, join my army and become a Cerberus!

Ah, last of the last, Grimjow6 is helping me with another work. You have to wait and visit the “about” page. Well, now i’m off… To work!

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5 Responses to Let the Translation begin!

  1. IAmTheKroc says:

    Wow, I’m surprised I won first place. Anyways, if you need to contact me, just use Skype or mail. I’ll try to read them more often.

    PS: My name is spelt as K-R-O-C not K-R-O-C-K.



  2. KiraKiller says:

    Sorry, i trashed a comment…
    Well, my answer is: no. With first chapter i intended my (first) translated chapter. The others are from the Este…etcetc the 35.
    Well, in less than 35 hours you can read them!


  3. KiraKiller says:

    Today… Is the day!! Mwahahah.. Cough cough…


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