Little teaser… eheheh

well, i’m finishing connecting my modem. Less than 1 hour i’ll post the first (translated) chapter.

You can’t  wait? well, i wrote this on my phone. Is a little teaser for YOU who can’t wait.

Are you sure?

Journey to the Castle

I, who finished preparations for the departure, have little time remaining.
Ten minutes is a short time, it is half-hearted time whatever you do.
By the way, what would you do?
I who was a little troubled with it decided to go to the room of the prince.

Because the Knights group is normally led by the Prince, i won’t be late if i am near him.

I who arrived at the place with the three rooms of the prince shifted the baggage to one hand and knocked.
[Prince, it’s Sakura. May i come in?]

Immediately a voice is heard coming from inside. [enter] I hear.
[excuse me]
I apologize with some words and opens the door.
Opened the door and immediately [what’s wrong? Need something?]
The Prince questioned.

[Say, it’s not to the extent of…]
I, who was going to answer so while passing through the door, watched the prince and haredened in the middle of my words.

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