My modem is evil!


Hello guys! Well, some days passed, my work is hard and my modem got possessed! Yeah, the thunder elephant from shen wang is coming !

next… Ferragosto (15th August) is a italian festivity. So i couldn’t buy onde in time, ’cause closed shop.

Second i had to connect the new modem to my slow ( 3MB) line.

Now HERE the chapter, one is for Tomorrow and one for the day after. Enjoy!

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Just a wild Kira
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6 Responses to My modem is evil!

  1. D says:

    Begone Satan!!!!!!!


  2. John Smith says:

    You say 3MB is slow? I have 0.2MB at max X)


  3. IAmTheKroc says:

    Kira, I haven’t been receiving any jobs recently… Am I still needed as an editor?

    If not, I might try to get an editor post elsewhere.

    Ps: If its because you do not havr a way to contact me, I’ve already sent an email to you…


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