Schedule release, editors and some news!

Hello hello hello.

Just a little of news. Like i said in a comment.


I’m currently translating chapter 19 ( 10% for now). The chapter is slighty difficult and i’m slow. So i decided to release ch 17-18 like i explain below.

Chapter 17 will be out today 18:00 (GMT+1).

Chapter 18 next week, i hope same time like the previous.

Chapter 19 when i’ll finish it.


IAmTheKroc, i’ll send you chapter 18 for some editing and all the future chapters.

Grimjow6 is helping me with another project that will take place in future.


If someone noticed ( even clicking for curiosity) the forum is (semi)dead. Post years/months old. No more staff. Language in italian.

The forum was pretty well know in the past, but due to staff problem ( retired cause work or study) is in this state.

Now i’m cleaning all little by little. I have the intention to re-open it in english/ italian with two different page for each in the same domain.

I need staff for wathever topic ( manga/anime/ graphics/ cars/ sports/ cooking/etc etc) but i need staff.

If someone is interested contact me. It’s not hard and you have to use like 5 minutes of your life daily.

Next topic: i’m re-opening  ( on the forum) my descriptive RPG (or DRPG).

For those of you who don’t know what it is i’ll tell you:

it’s a rpg where you create your personal character and roam in a fictional world.

you can create a character from your favorite fantasy world/ manga/ anime, battle others, do missions and the like. All writing your point of view. It’s not hard and it’s pretty funny. All i have to do is to translate it in english ( simple from italian).

if you are interested wait and see …

well, that’s all for now, see ya today on 6pm

~ Kira

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18 Responses to Schedule release, editors and some news!

  1. liedral says:

    Well… hope it’ll be out when I wake up~ nighty.


  2. Anon-ther Gentleman says:

    It is nice to have some fixed dates to anticipate some updates.


  3. Anon-ther Gentleman says:

    I assume you must be busy this week then. (my anticipation is dying)


  4. Hajiko says:

    where is the chapter ??? *confused* cant find it


  5. Hajiko says:

    anyone there?


  6. Anon-ther Gentleman says:

    seeing as 17 and 18 have no links I can only assume that your too busy to post them or translate this project for that matter. I have found an eager beginner willing to take up the project, if you must protest this development you may notify me via posting, I have set it to notify me should you post.


      • Anon-ther Gentleman says:

        He/She has no site at the moment, and seems to be deciding between this and “Eh? Heibon Desu Yo?” at the moment. but I will post a link as soon as the site is made (or I learn of it).


        • Anon-ther Gentleman says:

          well it appears we had false hopes, the rookie hasn’t contacted me since the time I gave him/her options as to what novel to translate. If anyone has come across a translator willing to take up this novel do please let us know. My sincerest apologies for getting your hopes up.


  7. namingishard says:

    soooo is this dropped on this site now too?


  8. Hajiko says:

    Kira you still alive`?


  9. John says:

    Hello this may sound bad but Which novel are you translating? Currently i am just trying to find some translation for Sorry Oniisama to read it after reding the first chapters by SheepRabit So if this is it then where can i find the chapters on this site?


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