My status…. B.A.D.!

Truck-Sama, you’re drunk! go


Hello hello hello…. so, like all of you noticed i disappeared! Funny thing the day before my double release… First i’ll tell you this was all fate. God hates meh!!

Like the image suggest a truck crashed on me and 3 cars next me. Lucky me i’m alive, but my friend’s car not!

It seems the driver was drunk… well.. crashing onto 4 parked cars…

Well, it seems i suffered a light coma and i woke up 12 days ago. Currently i have a broken leg and a broken arm. This is the first time in these 12 days that i can use my mobile.

Discharge is happening in 2 weeks. So in about 2 weeks i can FINALLY release chapter 17 and 18. Unfortunately chapter 19 is stopped at 20%.

So i jumped the release, stopped the tl of a chapter and my exam period…

I don’t have words for this, only that writing with my left hand is hard… i used a lot of time for these 200 words…

Sorry again, see you soon…

 😅 Kira

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5 Responses to My status…. B.A.D.!

  1. Mincheriit says:

    DUDE YOU ALRIGHT? Screw your friends car, hope you guys are fine, not permanent injuries or anything D: hope you recover nicely and well

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  2. Hajiko says:

    I wish you get well soon being bound to the bed is not that great if you cant do anything else so I hope you get well soon


  3. Zed Kurneckz says:

    Oh my ( ゚д゚)

    That experience I know it well. Unfortunately I’m still bedridden


  4. gianoria7 says:

    You crashed with a truck?

    Did you reincarnate?

    More seriously, anyone who would be angry at you for not releasing while in a coma is an asshole.
    Don’t strain yourself before you’re healed.


  5. liedral says:

    Wow….. not sure what to say…. you’re seriously unlucky to get crashed like that but at the same time you’re seriously lucky to get outta that alive. Either way hope you heal well. And cheers to your impending release from the hospital.


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