I’m Back in The Other World new chapter

Hello hello hello

It seems i have some time right now. Writing with the left arm is a pain…

Well, now this is Chapter 17

Hope you enjoy it.

I’m back in the other world? —> IMBITOW? IBITOW? IBOW? IOW? IB?

Or simply I’m Back?

For those that said i use online tl, didn’t i talked about it in some posts ago? i use them ’cause i’m not english, so i translate first in italian and lastly in english. Some quotes can be lost so i have to check every sentence. If you don’t want to read this work you are free. but i have to tell you, check my red words in the text, some online tl do some funny jokes, impossible to translate if you don’t know a bit of jap.

Chapter 18 will be posted shortly in the next few days between my healt checks. Chapter 19 is stopped at 25%. For that you have to wait that i can move some fingers… i simply can’t use only my thumb.

Well, this is all for now.


✌ Kira

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Just a wild Kira
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2 Responses to I’m Back in The Other World new chapter

  1. stelvis93 says:

    È da un po che non venivo al tuo sito non immaginavo che eri cosi messo male!! Buona guarigione e non strafare. Ti consiglio di leggerti tales of demons and gods che è divertente ^^ c’è anche un webtoon(comic online)


  2. Hajiko says:

    you still alive?


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