Happy New Year

Some italian Trash for New Year!


sorry ’bout the delay, but XMas and invernal holidays are a bit special in Italy.

Next days lot of chapters and a happy ( i think/hope) present…

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6 Responses to Happy New Year

  1. liedral says:

    Hope ya feel better.


  2. Stefano Ceccato says:

    ma chi é sta faccia da pirla?
    puo servirti una mano x tradurre dall’italiano all’inglese
    I wish to help you with this translation
    p.s. I’m from Padova


  3. doyouloveme says:

    Happy new year!!After more is so painful!once in a while read this tales-of-demons-and-gods.com is not bad!


  4. Hajiko says:

    how is your status Kira?


    • KiraKiller says:

      Ok, translated ch 19 like 90%. I’ll post it with ch18, but you have to wait a little. I’m under exams right now ( and i jumped the last 2 ’cause my accident… My pops will kill meh if i use my pc too much…


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