Status Update

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Well, hello hello hello…


I don’t have time, so i’ll write the most important points.

  1. My last exam for this semester will be on the 19th, so from 2-3 days later i’ll post the chapters.
  2. The chapters are ch. 18-19-20
  3. Chapter 21 is 40% completed
  4. They will be posted with a week of difference from each other
  5. Grimjow6, my pal, will transalte a “new” work
  6. This work is an original novel
  7. This novel is not new, this was awarded a 3rd place in a competition in Italy 3 years ago.
  8. We know the author personally, and he will change the story from a single book to a series of chapters. The synopsis will be out shortly.
  9. It seems it will be delayed a bit ’cause he have to change some parts.
  10. The changes in our forum are a bit delayed due to me being the only one to work there.
  11. It will change from an Italian language only to a double italian/engrish language
  12. For now the italian section is opened, with the option of google translate use it seems you can surf it
  13. We are hiding the posts in the forum, from the latest to the oldest. they will be re-opened when the forum is totally finished.
  14. We are changing at a faster pace our GDR/RPG. Implementing some new rules and changing others. Translation of the rules are from our Grimjow6.
  15. This RPG, if you are interested, will be a DRPG = Descriptive Role-Playing game.
  16. For a brief introduction you can read the short introduction HERE

If i can i’ll post my personal 17th point: Life is hard, especially if you are a working student…

This is all for now, see ya soon.

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4 Responses to Status Update

  1. Steggers says:

    How did the exams go?


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