Chapter 16

Chapter 16:

Journey to the Castle

I, who finished preparations for the departure, have little time remaining.
Ten minutes is a short time, it is half-hearted time whatever you do.
By the way, what would you do?
I who was a little troubled with it decided to go to the room of the prince.
Because the Knights group is normally led by the Prince, i won’t be late if i am near him.

I who arrived at the place of the three rooms of the prince shifted the baggage to one hand and knocked.
“Prince, it’s Sakura. May i come in?”

Immediately a voice is heard coming from inside. “enter” I hear.
“excuse me”
I apologize with some words and opens the door.
Opened the door and immediately “what’s wrong? Need something?”
The Prince questioned.

“Say, it’s not to the extent of buisness…”
I, who was going to answer so while passing through the door, watched the prince and hardened in the middle of my words.
The skin color is reflected in my view.
The Prince, in the middle of changing from rough clothes into traveling outfit, is naked in the upper half of the body. Even if I know a thing or two about nakedness of men by the knowledge of the previous existence.

It is mere knowledge.

I who had a girls’ school life all the time so far from the beginning class part in the original world.
Speaking of  man, it is of family degree with a father and an older brother and once a year or twice, a coming grandfather.
Teacher? It doesn’t enter the category of man.
In other words there isn’t immunity.

Incidentally you have to say, the prince have a beautiful body. It is a body in the early twenties, well shaped too.
For the me whom there wasn’t an opportunity to see a naked man, it’s poison for the eyes even if it isn’t particularly beautiful. It is a biological weapon. Even if it was different from an adult also in the reaction, the present condition don’t change.

[[TL: Even if there is more (ムサ), and this says to it even if it is what was different from an old bird in the reaction again, the present conditions don’t change. – machine trans. – this phrase is sooo confusing….]]

In other words when it is said what kind of thing is …
“Uu …, Kyaaaaaaaaa!”
I, unexpectedly calmly, grasp the wooden sword which I held in the left hand  with the right hand and I threw a blast to the prince with all my might.


I heard a considerably dull sound.
The wooden sword, which flew straight toward the aim,  when I looked it seems to have hit to the chin of the prince wonderfully.

The prince falls down like in slow motion on his back silently.

thud pam

I have a feeling that I heard a strange sound, but it’s a trivial thing before the shyness of a young girl.
“Prince! Please say so if you are changing your clothes! Please fall down after wearing clothes then collapse!”

Feel like i was saying an unreasonable thing, but it’s the shame (ry.) of a maiden.
Then I cover my eyes with the right hand and watch towards the prince from the gap of the fingers. Did I went too far ? “Ouch, suddenly what you…”
The Prince gets up while holding his chin.
I face the back in a hurry “It isn’t time, a gentleman does not stand naked in front of a woman! Please wear clothes quickly! The story afterwards!”
I complain while being conscious of my face becoming bright red.

The prince seems to complain in a low voice, but it is ignored.
The sound of  rustling clothes is heard from behind and after a while “I am dressed, face me”
The voice have a little angry tone.
I look back fearfully while trying to not looking if possible.
From the picture which i caught on the edge of the view, the prince seems to wear clothes properly.
When I look up at the face (perhaps the prince exceed 180cm. The enemy is large.) The area of the chin has become red. And the face seems to have sulked.

“I didn’t take off the bottom whether it is to be angry? If this is about the upper body, what about the knight group when you have finished practice?”
I complain while wearing a jacket. [[TL: ftw? do you have a different translation fot this?]]
“Such a thing doesn’t matter. The problem is that the Prince let a woman in the room when changing.”
I remember slightly the skin color of a little while ago and retort while feeling that the cheeks become hot.

“First of all i don’t care, and i’m from the royal family and that sort of thing is not to put on mind. It is misunderstood if seen in other women. Also it shouldn’t be and don’t have to be avoided. It’s also a duty.”

Even if i lacked the charm of a woman no matter how much, there are people who misunderstand you have some. I have heard that there are people with propensity for little girl lovers. I was warned by father and older brother to be careful since I was small. Oh, it is common “Don’t talk to people you don’t know” and “press the crime prevention buzzer if you are called out by a stranger” and such a kind.

I was said the same things from some acquaintances in high school for some reason, but … what was that for?
We have a story.
In other words, checking just the circumstances, perhaps a person whom you misunderstand it is being convinced.

If possible you should avoid it as much as possible. The possibility of a particularly troublesome thing.
When I explain such a thing,
“I understand. it was my bad. I will be careful from now on”
I feel a neglectful air, but probably it will be good to have understood it somehow or another. In the future it’s something you have to pay attention to.

I feel like he didn’t understood, but i won’t need to associate with the prince after this. The partner is a prince of a country despite being the second. And i intends to be free from adventurers planto return to the original world. The point of contact should disappear.
Thinking so the Prince pick up the wooden sword which I hurled at a him.
However, “It was hard, but what is this? Judging from appearance, it seems to be a wooden sword …. Did you throw such a thing?”
In addition, I seem to have drawn the attention of the prince. It is troublesome whether you are full of curiosity.

“Because it was so suddenly …… and an emergency …. I’m sorry. I did it for the time being from the side, but … This seems to be similar. As for this weapon, it’s a sword of my country made from wood for practice, you call them wooden sword. Because a sword made with wood is a wooden sword, don’t you think?”
So i explained , but when hearing about a weapon of a strange world the interest seems to have been heated up again.
I thought of showing him the wooden sword because there was no help for it, then a sound of knocking.
“it’s Ryass. Prince, ready for the departure”
It seems to be the captain. Only the voice seems to have run without opening a door.

“Understood. Let’s go”
When i looked back the Prince have put on a yara [TL:no idea] mantle and the armor, becoming the traveling outfit. When did…
The prince catches a bag, looks towards me and head towards the door as he voice. “Let’s go”
Because it is a problem if I am late, and left behind, I follow quietly.

I am jolted in a gatagoto [TL:simply shaked] movement by the carriage.
From yestarday this is the second time, but i was tired evven from the scenery.
It is hard to get into a carriage for hours.
There aren’t things to do. I have spare time.

It’s just the two of us, me and the Prince in the carriage. There wasn’t any conversation and we have talked about the necessary things during yesterday. I am not without what I want to hear, but the information to want a prince to see to ask a jerk won’t return.
How much more to arrive?
Will it be around three hours after a break of the noon by the bodily sensation? I think that it is about 4:00.
Oh, of course I made whether was lunch, but …

However, there weren’t materials. As for the materials, please buy a lot in a village
Only part of the dried meat and hard bread, and several fruits are preserved.The seasoning salts it.
How can i cook with this….

Yes, I did my best and said to a person of the knights and made a pot and compounded spice from a pan prepared (for the time being) and made a simple curry soup. The ingredient only as the dried meat. Because the curry spice is made by yourself from spices several times, it was possible to be delicious as such, and thing which was the most delicious than commercial curry is the one i compounded myself in Japan back than. Oh, here is neither the fatty tuna, wheat flour nor the starch, and there is neither the onion nor potato or carrot. To be such situation will be a standard mark enough.

This seems to have been enough for the knights and disappeared in no time.
It is incomplete combustion for the individual. I wanted to achieve revenge somewhere.

On the road, without much change from the one at noon, it’s fun and it’s not. it is very much without telling it in particular even if I watch scenery without change either.
I rowed dozing off like on a ship all too soon and slept.
… which regretted that I would be up then later.

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