I’m Back in the Other World?

I’m Back in the Other World?

by Money Bag  (のしぶくろ)


“Lyle, a powerful magus, was on his way back from a diplomatic meeting when his party was suddenly assaulted by a bandit attack. Little did he know that this was part of a more deeply orchestrated conspiracy that would leave him betrayed and dead. Reborn in modern day Japan where his old knowledge is useless, he lives his life peacefully as an ordinary high school student until one day, he is suddenly returned to his old world…”

– friend’s synopsis of ‘I Returned to the Other World?’

Synopsis and first 15 chapters thanks to Oniichanyamete

Chapter 1    –    Chapter 2    –    Chapter 3    –    Chapter 4    –     Chapter 5

Chapter 6     –    Chapter 7    –    Chapter 8    –    Chapter 9    –    Chapter 10

Chapter 11    –    Chapter 12    –    Chapter 13    –    Chapter 14     –    Chapter 15

Chapter 16   –   Chapter 17   –   Chapter 18   –   Chapter 19   –   Chapter 20



Author’s Memo (Spoilers up to latest chapter)

40 Responses to I’m Back in the Other World?

  1. jammerg55 says:

    Just so you know I already translated ch 16 before yoi called it. Thanks.


  2. Lowlightt says:

    Thanks for picking this up KiraKiller.


  3. Hajiko says:

    Thanks for picking this novel up (just being curious did you already start with the translation?)


  4. Hajiko says:

    Hi how is the Status of translation ?


  5. so is anyone actually translating this or are people just going back and forth saying “its mine i wanna work on this” and not actually doing it?


  6. soren says:

    Is this still being updated


  7. liedral says:

    Currently in Hungary Debrecen~


  8. liedral says:

    Is 17 coming out soon? Thought you had translated 3 chappys during your modem problem time.


  9. Mr.Gwapo says:

    no more update? 😦


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  11. Shimapan says:

    Thank you so much for translating this!


  12. Lowlightt says:

    Translator-san are you ok? Its been awhile since you’ve said anything. Don’t need a new chapter just a message to know you’re alright.


  13. Ika says:

    Because epub is convenient : https://mega.nz/#!W4hwiDIC
    Chapter 1 to 15


  14. Doc says:

    More posts of this qutlyai. Not the usual c***, please


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