The Valetines of the Shield Hero 1


Sidestory: The Valentine of the Shield Hero

ED: Sup, it’s RebelGoRound doing something for the fandom. This is my first time translating, and I’m not that good at it, so I appreciate any feedback. Thanks to Kookie and Yoraikun for the inspiration, and Hell5atan for making a backbone to check my work against.

Also, ohmygod  you guys. I actually did one of these!

A month has passed since Christmas. Soon after, it became February…Is that fine?

It doesn’t matter, it is now February.

By the way, the New Year was very noisy. On New Year’s Eve, I went to visit the Shinto shrine near the Church, but still to have even New Year’s in this world? Why a shrine? Isn’t it supposed to be a Church?

As I thought, apparently the previous Heroes spread a tradition of visiting a Shrine instead of a Chruch on NewYear’s. It seems to be the custom now.

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