Vol. 3 Chapter 22: Bounty

Entering the bookstore’s toilet, I removed the disguise on my face, changed into my clothes, and came out of the door.

Seeing that I appeared from the toilet, Aliyah’s eyes widened.

“Earlier, I thought I saw someone else entering…”

“I added some points into a disguising skill.”

“Your taste is pretty unique.”

“Not really.”

Actually, I already saw the girls when I entered the place. However, it seems Aliyah did not take notice of my name, and hence, she did not realize I came in with a disguise.

There aren’t that much customers in this bookstore usually, and we’re currently on the 2nd floor. Other than us, there weren’t anyone else.

The ones present were Aliyah, Princess Michelle, and Irlin. Why do these three always stick together?

“Oh, you’re here. Is there actually a hidden door in the toilet?”

Princess Michelle looked at me weirdly.

“I disguised myself.”

“Oh, I…

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