Vol. 3 Chapter 49: Can’t Even Dig My Own Grave

“Teacher! Is there really no other way!? Fir is someone who was able to realize intermediate-grade healing skills from elementary-grade healing skills in a few weeks! With his potential, he would definitely be the fastest person to become a Saint! If we were to cut his wing apart, there might be a possibility that he will lose his ability to wield Light Magic!”

After hearing Uncle George’s words, Yybril, who was at his side, hurriedly said.

“But, if it turns into a Fallen Wing, won’t that mean that we will gain a very frightening enemy?”

Yybril did not know how to react after hearing Uncle George’s rebuttal.

Tch, how could a freaking old man bully a young girl!

“So you’re going to just casually tear apart someone’s wing and make him face the probability of losing his ability to wield magic? Your inability actually cause someone to endure a pain…

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